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Get Me To The Grange On Time - Ruddington Grange

Even with all the best planning, there is always some unexpected moment of trouble lurking in the shadows to catch a wedding photographer out. On this particular day it was my turn to experience the heart thumping, bottom twitching emotions of being out of control.

Jess & Gary Wedding Day

It was early and the sun was out as i drove to Nottingham for my next wedding job blasting out some of my favourite indie tracks.

I had only spoken to Jess (the bride) on the phone once so was keen to find out more about the couple and the family to see what kind of approach i should take.

As 09.00 neared I arrived at her parents home for the pre-ceremony photo's and instantly got a warm and friendly welcome. Instantly picking up on the love of Rock music and film/TV. Jess seemed calm and excited for the big day ahead.

Capturing candid shots of everyone pre-ceremony is a lovely way of getting to know the bridal party and family before the hectic schedule kicks in. Lots of smiles, giggles and a few butterflies.

As the beautiful vintage cars arrived to drive Jess to Ruddington Grange, timings started to slip and unbeknownst to me was the start of my drama ahead. Yet never rush the bride!

As the bridal party and family got underway we were running late so i was to go on ahead in my car to be ready at the venue for the ceremony. Nothing wrong with that plan until....

Without any chance of taking a different route i found myself stuck in a traffic jam thanks to an incident. As the time ticked by the horrific feeling i had never experienced hit me. I might miss the ceremony!

After what seemed like forever, the traffic started to move and i was off. Sat-Nav telling me i would arrive a few mins after the ceremony start time. I arrived at the venue like a scene out of 'Dukes of Hazard' almost taking the bottom of my car off over (in my opinion) the excessively high speed humps. Panicking and running at full capacity (as fast as a chubby man can) i was apprehensive to see what i had missed.

Panting and carrying my gear, i dread to think what i looked like as i reached the ceremony room. Yet to my surprise and relief Jess was being taken through the legal terms of the ceremony and i had dodged a bullet.

At this point meeting Gary (the groom) for the first time i dived into action with my camera settings and snapped away as quick as i could. From that moment on it was full on for the rest of the day, and went exactly as planned thanks to the hardworking and friendly staff at the venue.

Getting to know the guests throughout the day they all seemed to really enjoy themselves saying lovely compliments about the whole day and how well run it was. Throughout the days giggles and fun guests started inviting myself to be in the new truly was a fun wedding.

Finally as the evening celebrations stepped up a gear, i bid farewell and made my exit maneuvering cautiously over those excessively high speed humps.

Best wishes to Jess and Gary for a very happy future together.

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